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The Lies We Need is available as NFT

The collection "The Lies We Need" is now available as NFT.

Definitively, NFT is not about buying memes and gifs only, but it is an opportunity to own digitally some high quality art too. Beyond any hype around NFT at the moment, this is a huge step in the digitalisation era for art and design.

As part of this, I really wanted to offer- maybe in a very early stage- the photographies of the editorial "The Lies We Need" as NFT which is an opportunity to jump into the digitalisation and for you to own the digital rights of the work, and why not grow value with it. This collection has been published, recognised, exhibited and it is now running to be considered for more exhibitions and awards. So, this means an opportunity to grow together a community around a project that will be growing during the next months while the value of the photos grows with it.

But what am I buying when buying the NFT? In a few words, you are buying the digital ownership of the photo. The photo will still be published and shared, but you own the figita asset and can trade the ownership. How to buy it? To buy one of these NFTs or the complete collection you just have to visit the collection at OpenSea and enjoy the experience. It is important to mention that NFTs are trade through the cryptocurrency Ethereum but the platform allows to use other payment formats as credit cards and such.

It is relevant to mention that for the month of August 2022, the NFT will be set as a fix low price to open widely the opportunity to buy them. After this time, the NFT will be set up as a bid.

So, let's enjoy this amazing path together. I will be sharing more information about this process and experience soon.

Also, to learn more about NFTs I recommend these links:

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