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"The Lies We Need" selected for Yearbook 2022 Online Exhibition

One of the photos from Fernando Jiménez Fierro's original editorial "The Lies We Need" project was selected for Year 2022 Online Exhibition

YEARBOOK is Shutter Hub’s annual directory of photographers. YEARBOOK showcases work from photographers from across the world. From over 1600 participants, mine was one of the selected photographies that entered in this year's exhibition.

You can visit the online exhibition in this link:

"The Lies Wee Need" is a conceptual editorial and fashion film on how men have used fashion to create their own persona, a public image and a way to create social and political statements. Inspired by the style and story of Jacques de Bascher, the photo session modernises the dandy style whilst using mirrors and shadows elevating the idea of image, fashion, the forbidden and the hidden. It was originally published at Kaltblut Magazine on June 2022 and you can visit the publication in this link:

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