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Are we ourselves or are we just models of the brands?


People have left behind creativity and style to follow fast trends as a way to become what fashion brands and advertising shows. As a consequence there is an enormous consumption and disposal of low quality garments. Our garments are basically made of plastic and easily disposable. Just like in fast food, we are wearing ‘junk’ clothing.

Instead of going for creativity or a development of style, people specially the youth have fallen into consuming this fast trends as a way to be part of current fashions. Besides that they show off themselves in exaggerated ways and poses to be socially noticed, themselves as well as the brands and trends they are wearing. At the end, with the brands in all our bodies, carrying big bags showing where we bought and being seen in social media we stopped being ourselves and became... Mannequin du Marketing (models of the marketing).

Photography, Styling, Fashion Design & Art Direction: Fernando Jiménez Fierro

Model: Israel Abache

Assistant Photographer: Zeina Hajj

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