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The Lies We Need selected for ASVOFF Fashion Film Festival 2022

The fashion film The Lies We Need was selected at ASVOFF 2022

The fashion shortfilm originally published by Kaltblut Magazine was officially selected at the ASVOFF 2022. ASVOFF is the first international fashion film festival founded and directed by Diane Pernet.

This year the festival will take place at 3537 in Paris from November 10 to 13. The Lies We Need will be projected on November 11th at 11 am.

The Lies We Need is a conceptual fashion film and editorial on how men have used fashion to create their own persona, a public image and a way to create social and political statements. Inspired by the style and story of Jacques de Bascher, the photo session modernises the dandy style whilst using mirrors and shadows elevating the idea of image, fashion, the forbidden and the hidden. Go and read/watch the entire project at: THE LIES WE NEED

A big thanks and congratulations to all the team behind this project.

Photography, Art Direction, Styling and Fashion Design by Fernando Jiménez Fierro / Instagram: @ferjimfier Camera Operator: Patrick Hubbard / Instagram: @_patrickhubbard_

Music by: Owen Moran / Instagram: @_owenmoran_

Models are Lucas / Instagram: @lucalment Lennan / Instagram: @lennandaniel Jonah / Instagram: @jonahzedwalter Signed at Caramba Mambo & Boyz / Instagram: @caramba_mambo_and_boyz

Make Up by Sonia Rapin / Instagram: @soniarapin.mua Vanessa de Sousa / Instagram: @vanessads_makeup

Assistant Photographers:

Maire Murphy

Margarita Macadam

Alex Robinson

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