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A visual journey through 58 Facettes

Photography and other graphic work done during my months working at 58 Facettes

During the last months of 2022, I had the opportunity to work and collaborate from the very inside of 58 Facettes. This French startup is a marketplace for vintage and second hand jewellery offering a platform for circularity in this sector. As part of my work with them, I was the right hand of the Art Director doing from packshot photography and retouching to other visual, graphic and aesthetically creative applications to strength the brand and its visual identity applied from the product to social media content. As this journey comes to an end, I share here some of my work with them in these past months.

Photography for PR and editorial purposes

Not everything is photography for the marketplace, some of my time was dedicated to design, shoot and edit photography used for PR and editorial means. I have to add, this was my favourite task.

Posters, documents and overall graphic and editorial design for digital and print

While working with them I designed the poster and social media visuals to advertise the pop-up stores; re-design two main documents for their internal logistics such as a guide for vendors to create and upload products on the website, and a PR brochure; as well as some stand design for special event.

Photography to illustrate website

In a few words, I did some photography which was then used to illustrate some features for the website.

Packshot Photography

And evidently, I did product photography for some vendors in Paris and Île-de-France, where among a wide variety of unique pieces I shoot exclusive brands such as Cartier, Hermes, Dior, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arples, Poiray, Pomelato, Rolex, and some more.

Videos and a bit more

It was not all about photography, at the end. I was part of some other projects such as redesigning the merci cards, some visual merchandising for the pop up stores, videos for reels on social media, and managing the production of the new upcycled delivery bags for the products. For those who follow my work a bit closer know my passion and expertise in sustainable fashion. So, although I have no visual evidence of this project yet, this was a personal achievement and satisfaction.

A big adventure indeed that ends as this year comes to its final days. Thus, time to share some farewells, wish the best for this startup and to you all a happy 2023!

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