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3 reasons why you should not use Tiktok for your brand

In other words, 3 things you should know before launching Tiktok for your brand

It’s been around a decade since the first brand hired me to launch a social media strategy. At the time Facebook, Twitter and specially Instagram were the platform where all would like to be and succeed. Ten years later, brands still make the same mistake: launching content in platforms without designing a strategy first. Yes, Tiktok is fun and the youth are devouring it. But, this is not the reason to join this specific platform. So, before launching Tiktok, here there are three things why should not do it... or three things to think about before doing it.

1. Search engine is still the most useful tactic to generate traffic to your website

Social media is extremely important in all digital marketing strategies, of course, but search (specifically through Google) is still the major source of traffic to websites. According to SimilarWeb, search represents 57,95% of the traffic to websites compared to 18,05% of social media.

Then, do invest on your Tiktok, but do not forget that your attention should be beyond that platform.

2. Is it your audience?

Studies have shown that most relevant amount of users on Tiktok is under 24 years old, being women between 18 and 24 the highest percentage on the platform (24%). Also, Tiktok is the 6th most active social media in the world.

While Tiktok is indeed transforming the social media trends and its growth is important to consider, your digital strategy should not bet all in this basket.

Think of your audience first, what are your objectives, what type of content and platforms match this better… then, decide the platforms.

Data source:

3. How will you differentiate yourself in this platform

Tiktok brought into social media the fact that content should be quick, fun and fast trendy. All users are doing the exact same trend in a low quality version. If your content strategy is just to create a huge amount of content and be there, will this make users to stop, watch your content and decide to jump into more of your platforms and –even more important- into more of your products?

The best recommendation here is: HIRE THE PROFESSIONALS.

Creating content for a brand is not just about taking a camera and making photos or videos. It is about creating visual branding and quality content that will highlight brands, products, and the content itself. In a fussy trivial way of putting it, it is not about having your friends and record something. It is about telling and creating the story of your products and brands in a high quality version that will create loyalty and conversion.

Amazon Prime recently launched their new season of Making the Cut. In one of the episodes the fashion designers have to create some garments and a video for Tiktok. This episode is useful to understand this point. It is not about recording and uploading content, it is about being creative to make users stop, watch and act.

So, now you know, before launching your next platform and content, give it a thought and bet for the quality visuals and for the professionals.

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